The Emocratic Message

Exhibited at:

Performancefestivalen, Gylleboverket, Gärsnäs (SE), 2013

emokratic-speech-still emokratic-parade-still

The Emocratic Message, performance and 28 felt flags, 2013. Stills from video registration.

For my performance “The Emocratic Message” (2013) in the south of Sweden I made emoticon-like felt flags for all of EU’s member countries. Theses flags were carried by 28 volunteers in a procession that led to a little square where I subsequently held a speech consisting entirely of questions. These questions revolved around issues of personal and national identity. Who is welcome where and what makes us belong somewhere? Coming from northern Sweden, I asked the audience if if my dialect would present a problem if I was to migrate down south.

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