The Lion Sleeps Tonight I-IV

Exhibited at:

I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam (NL), 2012 | Easy Living, Art Centre Diepenheim, 2013 | IMPAKT Festival, Utrecht, 2013 | Bandits-Mages Rencontres, Bourges (FR), 2013



Stills from The Lion Sleeps Tonight, 2012, one of four HD-video loops, 0:45 min

This work shows motorcycle passengers trying to catch a mustard and ketchup-covered suspended hot dog with their mouth. Historically, American women would play this game at biker parties and it later became popular at gay biker parties. In the early 2000’s I made a documentary film about a friend of mine who has a past in one of America’s oldest gay organisations, The Denver City Bikers. For The Lion Sleeps Tonight I restaged a scene from that film, this time together with straight bikers from my Swedish hometown Avesta.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight I & II (2012) from Magnus Monfeldt on Vimeo.

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